Gradient Rugs

GRADIENT woven and felted rug

GRADIENT presents two jacquard woven rugs as part of the project 'A Touch To Treasure'. Made from merino wool, mohair and linen. 

After felting the jacquard woven fabric, the materials change. They start to wrinkle, shrink, move and distort, expressing their most tactile characteristics. 

These pieces are reversible, since each side expresses a different kind of tactility. 

Created to use at your own expression. 

This project received a Henry van de Velde Award 22 in the category Habitat. 


GRADIENT jacquard woven and felted Rug

Available in two variations

Size: 120 x 160 cm 

Materials: Merino wool, cotton, linen

Made in collaboration with TextielLab Tilburg.

Custom size and color available on request

Email for price and info

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