Beyond Bold


In this new series Emma explores her signature style of bold and vivid graphic patterns, transformed into tangible textures and textile pieces. ‘Beyond Bold’ presents a new series of jacquard woven blankets and pillows, each expressing a different kind of tactility and feeling. 

Jacquard woven with care in Belgium and finished by hand with the crochet technique, which adds playful details in colour and texture, so each piece becomes a unique and exclusive plaid. All the textiles are reversible as you can equally enjoy both sides.

SIZE                      160 x 200 cm
MATERIAL           Mohair / Wool / Cotton
CARE                      Hand wash program with mild detergent/ dry clean 
DELIVERY            This piece is made to order, it takes 5 - 8 days to finish before shipment.

€485 Incl. 21% VAT